Terms & Conditions Voucher

1.) To use your voucher you must register it: Register Voucher

2.) The accommodation is non-cancellable subject to statutory rights related to the Consumer Credit Act. However, it can be transferred to a third party by emailing voucher@portsonachan.com. A transfer fee of £25 will be charged.

3.) This oer is subject to availability and the voucher entitles you to 3 nights at Portsonachan Hotel any time of the year. Should your preferred dates not be available, alternative dates will be oered. A supplement of £12.50 per person per night will be charged for bank holiday weekends.

4.) Portsonachan Hotel reserves the right to oer alternative accommodation of a similar or superior standard should your booked accommodation be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

5.) Once your registration has been submitted, it will be subject to the hotels standard terms and conditions.

6.) Reception is open Sunday – Sunday : 7.30 am to 10.30 pm and they can be contacted on 01866 833224 to make your booking along with any upgrade requests.

7.) If paying by card a receipt will be sent to you by email or text.

8.) Reservation dates can be changed up to one month prior to arrival date at a charge of £15.

9.) Your accommodation is provided by Portsonachan Hotel and Lodges.

10.) Once you have made your booking with Reception, you will receive an email conrming your Reservation.

11.) You will be responsible for any damage to the room during your stay and when checking-in you must have a valid debit or credit card with you as this is required as security. These details will be taken so that you may charge purchases to your room.

12.) All rooms will be held until 7.00 p.m. and if you are arriving after this time, you must inform us to ensure your accommodation is not cancelled.

13.) Our privacy policy gives more information regarding how we collect and use data.

14.) Pets:
Portsonachan is a Dog friendly hotel and we welcome up to TWO well behaved Adult dogs per accommodation. A charge will be applicable and this is currently £7.50 per dog per night. You must book in advance as there is a limit to the amount of dogs that we can accommodate. No charge will be applicable for Fully Certied Guide and Assistance dogs.

Pets should be fully trained and appropriately restrained by the owner and out of respect to other guests, and in the interest of safety, we kindly request that dogs are kept on their leash when in the Hotel Property and on the roads.

We politely request that you bring doggy bedding and towels with you, and with future guests in mind, you do not allow your dogs on the sofas or beds.

Dogs are not permitted in the Restaurant nor bar areas, and will only be allowed into the Reception area and the Conservatory. Guests dining at the hotel must pre-book if they wish to bring their dogs. This will reduce the possible waiting times to be seated and will allow us to have a suitable table available in the conservatory. If you do not pre-book we cannot guarantee that a table will be available. Fully Certied Guide and Assistance dogs will be allowed in all communal areas.

Guests are fully responsible for all property damages and/or injuries caused by their pets. Guests agree to indemnify the hotel, its owners and its operators and sta from all liability and damage suered as a result of the guest’s pet(s). The hotel reserves the right to make the appropriate charges to the guests account for such damages.

All dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act will be refused entry to the Hotel, its accommodation and grounds.